GMC TOY’S FIELD INC. has seen many Chinese companies advertising, on e-commerce sites, products similar to p+g design, but mainly about the silicon POCHI coin pouch. Even though p+g design products are also fabricated in China, no information has been released to the public, and therefore all the advertising material originated from China is from these companies producing unauthorized imitations of p+g design products. Letters of warning have been sent to these factories and many have stopped the production and the sales of the products.

Please note that the majority of counterfeit products show a very coarse level of finishing. A poor quality that p+g design would never present to their customers.

There are many ways of identifying p+g design products from imitated ones:

It is recommended to notice carefully those differences when purchasing p+g design products.

We stay at your disposal, should you have any questions, and we thank you for your trust and for purchasing our products.



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