POCHI was born by the Japanese designer Ikuyo Ejiri, who started with the traditional coin purse. Soon after that, a line of products was developed with new sizes and shapes.

Made of durable, flexible silicone, this unique purse has a great look and a very distinct feel.  It is lasting and wonderfully soft to the touch. It is water-shedding and is hand washable, thus easy to maintain and kept clean.

p+g design now counts for more than 30 different products, and is gaining a continuous success around the world. Most of the products are available in many great colors to match every unique personality. They are also trendy and fashionable, and can be offered or enjoyed by all ages.

DESIGN/ACTUAL’s collection includes a selection of 33 different products, with a range of vibrant colours: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, magenta and black.

They vary in size and shape and have many utilities: coins pouches, covers for glasses, iPhone covers, Mini iPad covers, school & beach kits, business cards holders, bags, passport holders, ladies mirrors…

p+g design products include as well cute and funny items with animal figurine like the mimi POCHI Friends pouches. Or the ones with rabbit ears (mimi POCHIBI Rabbit), or even the recently 3D POCHI Duck. 

A special order comprises the “I Love POCHI” series with “I Love Lebanon” (in black and white) and “I Love Beirut” (in black and blue).

We have also introduced new warm autumn/winter colours including olive green, burgundy, navy blue… (only on selected items).