The POCHI-Bit is a witty and practical accessory. It can be fixed on your smart phone or even on a bag/purse zipper.

For portable phones:
1. Remove the hook, that contains the lace, from the POCHI-Bit.
2. Insert the lace in the slot of the plug.
3. Tie the lace around the plug.
4. Attach the hook again on the POCHI-Bit.
5. Insert the plug in the earphone jack.

For the zipper, follow the same instructions as above (1 to 4) by making a knot around the zipper’s “pull-tab”.
It is that easy and simple.

Please remember:
• Make sure to insert well the plug in the earphone jack to securely lock it (you can hear a “click” sound).
• We do not recommend you lift your smart phone by holding the POCHI-Bit as it will fall and break.
• Please keep away from reach of children to avoid any swallowing.

If you require any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to send us and email or to contact us directly.

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      alidaher says:

      Good day,

      First, I would like to apologise for my late reply. I am still now in this and learning something everything new :D.

      I also would like to thank you for your email. We always appreciate comments, good or bad.
      I must say, I am impressed that Louis Vuitton Outlet is sending me a comment. I am very flattered… Thank you. :).

      Staying at your disposal, should you have any inquiries.
      Best regards,

      Ali Daher


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