As you know, the POCH2 silicon purse comes with a hook that you can use with a strap around your neck. An easy way to securely carry your essential at the beach, during an event or even in an exhibition.

Here are easy steps on how to attach the hook on the POCH2:
1. Open the kiss clasp lock (the clasps are the interlocking parts that keep the products closed and secured).
2. Simply circle the hook around one of the clasps and locking it.
3. Depending what kind of strap you use, you can attach it by using the hook slot.

Now you can enjoy carrying your POCH2 with a strap around your neck.

Few notes to keep in mind though:
– The neck strap is not included.
– Make sure you are using the proper strap (with a hook, ring or lace).
– Keep away from reach of children, as the hook is a small piece and can be easily swallowed.

We stay at your disposal, should you have any further questions.

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