The idea of DESIGN/ACTUAL emerged not only with the necessity to combine business with pleasure, but also to fill a gap. Most importantly, from our passion of exploring ideas and inspired designs.

Our passion for design grew and matured with travel. It is said that traveling broadens someone’s mind and creativity. We couldn’t agree less… Open up to new societies and live up to the fast moving world.

With all the aspirations offered to grasp, we launch DESIGN/ACTUAL with the desire to convey new ideas, interrelating with culture and leveraging agreeable lifestyle.


Design is fundamental and it is everywhere – it should be addressed to all. Every person perceives it differently, but should serve a purpose be it innovative reflecting quality and creativity, simple with a functional role, or aesthetic with attention to details.

DESIGN/ACTUAL is a company with the intention to draw a contemporary collection of design products that combine those innovative, functional and aesthetic qualities; those that engender pleasant experiences and individual statements.


Ali Daher

Ali Daher

General Manager/Owner

In 2012, Ali Daher decided to follow his passion for design. His work experience and determination earned him the knowledge he acquired to launch DESIGN/ACTUAL in 2013.

Ali grew up in Beirut, but also lived in other big cities including Paris, Dubai and Montreal. An international exposure with which he developed his interest for everything that is design.

Working for leading brands (Nokia, Mars GCC, Visa) and for international hotel chains (Le Méridien, Westminster), Ali played an important role in guest relation management and events/retail marketing.

Nicolas Elias

Nicolas Elias

Creative Director/Owner

Since his young age, Nicolas had an admiration for design which soon turned into a passion. He always saw himself in the creative world be it architecture, advertising or fashion.

His work experience involved the corporate/brand identity, packaging, retail communication & consumer engagement for world’s leading brands including BAT, Nokia and P&G. Nicolas also worked at Chalhoub Group, exclusive agent to renowned deluxe brands.

Besides living in Dubai and Montreal for more than 15 years, Nicolas enjoys traveling which supplemented the passion and the knowledge he has for design.